Shipping Small Packages.. Correctly

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A first-time shipper will often encounter some confusion when shipping a package. This can lead to small mistakes, which will result in a much larger problem. Simply forgetting to properly address your package, or unknowingly failing to apply enough tape to the box, will likely result in your shipment never arriving at its destination. For eBay sellers, this would be a terrible situation, resulting in an unsatisfied customer and negative feedback as a result. Follow this simple guide to properly shipping a small package, and your shipment should arrive with no problems or complications.
  1. Choose the Right Box Make sure that when shopping for a box, you select one large enough to accommodate the item, as well as additional cushioning and packaging materials that you may need to use. You can get Express Mail and Priority Mail boxes, as well as envelopes and tubes for free from your local Box Brothers, or from the post office. You may also buy boxes of various size and shape, as well as padded mailers, mailing tubes, and other packaging materials. Ensure that your box is made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, so that it will not get damaged in transit. Tip: Experts recommend that you use only new boxes & supplies; never rely on used boxes.

  2. Pack & Protect Use plenty of cushioning material. You can use bubble wrap, newspaper, foam peanuts or loose-fill. Ensure that whichever material you use, it covers all sides of your item. The contents of the box should not move around; they should be tightly packed. Certain, more fragile items need extra protection:
    1. Hollow Items: Stuff the inside of these items with cushioning material.
    2. Glass or Ceramics: These items could be double-boxed (packing the item as described, then placing that box in a slightly larger box, with more cushioning material in between the boxes.) Ask us about our Guarantee Pack for extra item protection!
    3. Framed photographs or artwork: Take the glass out of the frame and wrap it separately.
    4. Computer equipment: Pad well and pack using anti-static treated material such as foam rolls and anti-static peanuts.

  3. Seal Use a heavy-duty packaging tape to properly seal your boxes. Place one strip where the flaps meet, along with another strip on each side of that first strip, slightly overlapping it. Don’t forget to tape the bottom!

  4. Address / Label To avoid confusion, put the delivery and return addresses only on one side of the package. Be sure to include the ZIP code and complete street address, including apartment or unit number, if necessary. For international shipments, be sure to include all necessary documents, such as a commercial invoice (for customs). To avoid ink smudges, you can place a strip of clear packing tape over the address areas or labels.
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