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May 16, 2015
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May 28, 2015
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New York’s ABC affiliate reports that 40 million Americans are expected to move at some time in 2015, many of them in May, which happens to be National Moving Month. Just in a time for the occasion, a survey of 300 recent-movers in New York revealed some of the stresses that come with the experience, especially with regard to relationships.

What’s true in New York is also true in San Francisco and Los Angeles and all places in between. Roughly half of people who are going through the process of moving experience strain on domestic relationships as they fight more often and experience less intimacy.

It’s difficult to avoid these problems altogether, but being aware of them can help you to prepare. In fact, preparing for this sort of relationship strain is as simple as preparing for the move itself. Collect your moving boxes well in advance. Arrange crate shipping with a reliable relocation service. Anticipate any special needs you might have like antique shipping or art crating.

In short, take your time and put the process of moving and relocation into capable, professional hands wherever possible. Do it because of what’s at stake – not just the start of your new life in Los Angeles or wherever else, but also the stability of the relationship you’ll be adapting to that new home. You need time to work on that. Moving shouldn’t be your problem.

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