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November 5, 2014
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November 24, 2014
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For many of you, it may still seem a little too early to think much about the holidays. But when you consider that there are only six weekends between now and the big day, preparing for the holiday might seem like more of a priority. That’s especially the case if you expect to ship gifts to many recipients or over long distances, or if you’re going to be sending large items that require crate shipping.


Start planning now if that’s the case. Stock up on moving boxes and packing and shipping supplies now so that you don’t get stuck in long lines later or find yourself scrambling to ship important items without the supplies you need to make sure they arrive safely and on time.


As your shipping needs become clearer throughout the season, stay organized. Keep in mind which is your farthest shipping destination and which is your nearest, and prioritize accordingly. Also keep in mind that some items might require more specific attention in the form of antique shipping or art shipping.


Of course it’s helpful if you have a reliable shipper that can field questions about these things and handle all your requests during the holiday season. So even though it’s still some time from now, if you’re planning on celebrating the holidays in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, or anywhere else where Box Brothers has locations, look us up sooner rather than later.

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