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Packing and shipping antiques is a delicate task that requires proper training, skill, extensive knowledge, and, most importantly, experience. Anybody who has had the misfortune having their irreplaceable heirloom or one-of-a-kind antique damaged or lost knows the devastation involved. Sometimes, there is no amount of insurance that can fully replace such an item. For this reason, the most effective measure one can take to ensure the safety of their precious antiques is to trust a packing and shipping firm with experience, training, and a renowned reputation for customer care and professionalism. For over 25 years, Box Brothers has safely transported countless antiques, heirlooms, and artifacts all around the world, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and item safety. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and maintain an A+ rating with the Bureau for our outstanding attention to customer needs and requests. Call us today to request your FREE antique packing/shipping quote!

Antique Shipping Features

    Professional, guaranteed packaging service using the highest-quality packaging materials. Our team of packing experts has extensive knowledge, training, and experience safely packing all manner of antique shipping and heirlooms.
    Our custom crating department designs and constructs high-quality wooden crates, made-to-order and built according to the specifications of our client’s item(s). Ask us about our custom crating service today to ensure maximum protection for your precious antiques.
    We offer a host of domestic & international shipping options for any timeframe and/or budget.
    We work with an extensive list of carriers (incl. FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more), each offering various delivery speeds and rates. We always have an option to meet our clients’ timeframe and price range.
    Priority and expedited shipping!
    Our freight department ships antiques anywhere in the world using wooden pallets, containers, ULD’s (Unit Loading Devices), or whichever method best suits your specific item.
    Insurance is available on every antique shipment!
    Item pick-up from your residence or business. We also offer on-site packaging at your home or business.
    White glove service is available as well. Especially useful for: museums, collectors, interior designers, and more.

Reliable Antique Packing & Shipping Worldwide

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Box Brothers’ acclaimed antique packing & crating service is the safest and most reliable one in the industry. Our innovative and advanced techniques, coupled with the unmatched quality of our packaging materials ensure that your one-of-a-kind antique or heirloom is packed in the safest manner possible. Our packing techniques all adhere to (and surpass) shipping/freight guidelines and regulations. Similarly, we work with only the most professional and reliable of shipping carriers. Our longstanding relationship with all these carriers enables our customers to always receive the carriers’ best rates, with no hidden charges. Our vast selection of shipping options enables you to choose the one best-suited to meet your individual needs and budget. Our freight department can accommodate any size item, or multiple pieces, while still guaranteeing our renowned guaranteed packaging and crating. Call today to find out more about our antique shipping srevice or to receive your FREE ANTIQUE PACKING & SHIPPING QUOTE!












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