Auction Fulfillment

Auction Fulfillment

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I’m just a kid at heart!  That’s what I tell my children when they fuss at me about my toy collection.  I’m talking real toys here, handcrafted, and not a one of them needs a battery!  So what if nearly every room in the house is filled with toys? I’ve got Lionel train sets, antique toys, one-of-a-kind pieces, toy soldiers, 3-story dollhouses with electric lights, wind-up cars, and cast iron banks. Visiting Grandpa is like going to Disneyland!  Why, nearly two rooms are dedicated to Mickey Mouse himself. 
Speaking of Disneyland, or rather Disney – there’s a humdinger of an auction coming up at the end of this month.  Bonhams auction house in San Francisco is going to be auctioning off some real choice Disney toys, including some rare celluloid pieces and a Mickey Mouse Circus Train set.  I can’t miss it.  I’m going to take the Coast Starlight up to Oakland and BART across the bay.  I prefer to travel by train, as I find it much more relaxing than driving the freeways these days. 
My sister up in Oregon has been pestering me to come visit her. She’s got a new grandchild she wants to show off.  Everybody thinks since I like toys I must like kids as well, and to tell you the truth, I do!  She says I can just hop back on the train when the Disney auction is done and come stay for a spell; I’m thinking I will. Which leaves me with a little conundrum, I don’t want to be carting all my auction purchases up to Oregon with me.  And I certainly don’t want to have to try and pack the toys (and any other items I may buy) up in my hotel room and haul them to the post office. Working with with bubble wrap, foam peanuts, styrofoam, and shipping boxes in a hotel room sounds like a major pain!
I gave the auction house a call and asked them what they recommended.  They gave me the name of a an shipping company that specializes in auction fulfillment, as well as packing and shipping antiques/valuables.   I just got off the phone with the shipping company and I must say I’m pleased with Bonhams’ recommendation.  This shipping firm is going to work directly with the auction company; when it’s all done and paid for they’ll come by, inventory my purchases, and pack them up securely. When I say “securely,” I mean the whole nine yards- bubble wrap, styrofoam, stretch wrap… and, if I end up getting any high-value or fragile toys, they’ll even build a custom wooden crate for them! They offered me several different ground and air shipping options, each with a guaranteed delivery time/date and tracking number, so that I can make sure to be home when my items arrive. What really blew me away was the incredible focus on CONVENIENCE… because let’s be honest, packing and shipping (especially while traveling) can be a nightmare. They seem to really go above and beyond to help make this a hassle-free process for me. They even offered me temporary storage for my items at one of their secure warehouse facilities… just in case my shipment arrives before I do.
I’m pretty impressed with this.  Now I like to go to auctions, see the things in person, and give them a good looking over.  But I’ve been thinking about trying some of these online auctions, you know, on the computer.  If this packing and shipping service works out I just might give it a whirl.  Just think how many more auctions I’ll be able to get to!  Maybe I’ll go clean out that spare bedroom to make a little more space for my collection.

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