Automobile Shipping Services

Automobile Shipping Services

Car Shipping Guidelines

  • Make a copy of all keys.
  • Have your registration and title.
  • Have your proof of insurance.
  • Disable the car alarm.

TIP: For liability reasons, you may NOT place clothing or other belongings in the car for shipping.

Countless people require a packing and shipping service nearly every day. A number of customers visit Box Brothers on an almost daily basis to fulfill their shipping needs. One of these Box Brothers “regulars” is an eBay Powerseller named Greg who comes in almost every day to ship his sold items. Greg recently visited us, and was excited to report that he’s moving to Hawaii to start a new job as the assistant manager of a beachfront hotel. He decided to ship his belongings to Hawaii rather than deal with the hassle and expenses of checking several bags. We happily packed Greg’s belongings into an assortment of shipping boxes, but one thing remained unclear; what was Greg planning to do with his car? From the moment we met Greg a few years ago, one thing became very clear about him; his car was undoubtedly his most prized possession.

We were surprised to hear that even an avid car enthusiast such as Greg was unaware of auto transport and car shipping services. A few days later, Greg’s ’67 Camaro Rally Sport was arranged to be shipped from his nearest port aboard an ocean freight liner. Greg describes the process as being “as simple as can be” and “truly convenient.” “Although I opted to drive the car to the port myself,” says Greg, “I was given the option of having it picked up right from my house.”

Evidently, the existence of automobile transport services isn’t widely known to the general public. More precisely, most people assume that shipping a car is a painfully complicated task. This is simply false, as a number of car shipping services are available, some of which put a strict emphasis on convenience.
To the right are a number of points to remember when shipping a car with an automobile transport service.

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