March 5, 2014

Safe Art Shipping in Hollywood

As one of the meccas of sophistication, Hollywood has a thriving art scene. From small drawings to large sculptures, some of the world’s most striking and […]
April 17, 2012

The Importance of Proper Shipping

Shipping may be overlooked by many small businesses and individuals, such as eBay sellers and other e-commerce businesses. What you charge, how quickly it arrives and […]
February 16, 2012

International Shipping Experience

The following was submitted by a Box Brothers customer: International shipping is no big deal.  At least it’s no big deal if you are just shipping […]
February 7, 2012

Containerized Storage

Every day, people around the world pack up their belongings into moving boxes and move to a new home. Oftentimes, however, a person will find themselves […]