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For over 25 years, Box Brothers has been renowned for our selection and quality of boxes. We understand the value a person’s belongings have to them, and the uncertainty that comes with leaving your valuables in the care of a mover or shipping carrier. The safety of one’s packages in transit begins with selecting a proper, high-quality box. To ensure the safety of our clients’ belongings, we carry only the highest-quality boxes, made from the most durable corrugated cardboard. Our boxes meet moving and shipping regulations/standards, and are specifically designed for durability and safe transportation. Any box we don’t carry on-site can be ordered within 24 hours. For clients requiring a customized box for their product, service, or display, we have experts on staff ready to design a custom box for you. At Box Brothers, our clients receive a truly personalized service. Our clients who just need boxes and/or supplies can come to any of our locations, or have them delivered right to their home or business. Other clients who wish to have their items professionally packaged have the option of having us pack their belongings on site for moving, shipping, or storage. The choice is yours! Call or come in today for more information, or to place an order for delivery.


In the moving industry, it is a well-known fact that the days of picking up boxes behind the local market are over. For items to be truly well protected, it is always recommended to use new, high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies. There is no substitute for strong and sturdy boxes, capable of handling whatever belongings you may be moving. At Box Brothers, we carry only the highest quality corrugated-cardboard boxes, including single, double, and triple-walled cartons. An overview of our moving box catalog is available in the list below.

    All of our boxes are perfect for moving, domestic & international shipping, storage, and all-purpose use.
    We deliver! Call us today to place an order for delivery! We deliver any box, packaging materials, and supplies.
    If we don’t have a box to match our client’s needs, we’ll customize a box for them!
    Our boxes meet all moving and shipping regulations, are made of the highest-quality materials, and are designed to withstand the potential hazards of transportation (shock, vibration, compression, moisture, etc…)
    We carry a massive selection of moving boxes, including:
        All standard sizes, such as: small boxes (books, LPs, heavy items), medium boxes (all-purpose), large boxes (appliances, clothing), extra large boxes (bedding, pillows), and special use boxes for dishes, clothing, electronics, pictures, mirrors, and many more!
        Wardrobe boxes, so your clothing arrives free of stains, damage, and wrinkle-free. We offer several kinds of wardrobe boxes, including: standard large & small wardrobe boxes, flat/laydown wardrobe boxes, and two kinds of “shorty” wardrobe boxes for children’s clothing. Every stand-up wardrobe box comes with a metal bar for hanging your clothing.
        Dish packs & kits make safely packing your plates, bowls, cups, mugs, glasses, and other dishes a breeze! Ensure that your dishes arrive safely using our: Heavy-Duty Dish Pack & Cell Kit (double-walled, cardboard inserts), Dish Saver Kit (box + cardboard cells + foam pouches for plates/bowls/saucers), and Glass Saver Kit (box + cardboard cells + foam sleeve-wrap for glasses).
        Picture/Mirror Boxes are designed specifically for paintings, canvas pictures, and mirrors. We carry a range of sizes, and each size is available as a two-piece as well, allowing you to customize the dimensions of your box!
        Flat-Screen TV Boxes: Our extra-strength double-walled flat-screen TV boxes are ideal for LCD, plasma, and LED televisions. We carry a range of sizes to accommodate any sized television.
        We also carry a variety of specialty boxes, including guitar boxes, double-walled electronics boxes, lamp boxes, mattress boxes, and more!
        Thousands of shipping and odd-size boxes available as well!



Shipping can potentially be a stressful task, due to uncertainty regarding the item’s safety. The most important thing a person can do to ensure the safety of their items is to pack them properly with unused, quality boxes and materials. That’s where we come in. Over the last 25 years, we have made it our purpose to provide our clients with the highest-quality boxes and materials, so that their items may arrive safely at their destination. We have the #1 selection of shipping & all-purpose boxes, including single, double, and triple walled boxes. Our vast catalog ranges from tiny, 4x4x4 boxes to the enormous 36x36x36 box. If a client needs a size that we don’t carry in-store, we’ll order or customize it for them! All of our boxes and materials are available for delivery as well, just call or come in today!

  • All of our boxes are perfect for moving, domestic & international shipping, storage, and all-purpose use.
  • TONS of box shapes & sizes. We have a box for every item imaginable. Sizes not carried in-store can be ordered within 24 hours! If we don’t have the size you need we’ll customize a box for you!
  • We have experts on-staff to design a custom box for any client requiring a specific box for their product, service, display, etc…
  • We carry specialty boxes for items such as: guitars, electronics, flat-screen televisions, books, LPs/records, files & documents, bedding, pictures, mirrors, lamps, and even mattresses!
  • We can customize a box in-store with styrofoam insulation, filament tape reinforcement, box telescoping (combing two boxes), box reshaping, and void-fill.
  • Our boxes are constructed from the highest-quality materials, and are specifically designed for the potential hazards of the shipping environment (shock, vibration, compression, etc…)
  • Each of our shipping boxes meets all shipping standards & regulations.

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