Budweiser’s Vintage Wooden Crates

Budweiser’s Vintage Wooden Crates

Budweiser Wooden Crates


For distributors, crate shipping might not just be a way to get a product to market; it may also

be a way of promoting the product along the way. That’s the lesson from Budweiser’s classic

wooden crate marketing gimmick, which was covered recently by AdWeek.

The article itself seems pretty cynical, given its suggestion that this is designed to appeal solely

to “hipsters.” But you don’t have to be motivated by irony to see something attractive in the

classic Budweiser wooden crates carefully packed with two pilsner glasses and 18 beers bearing

throwback labels.

Budweiser’s crate shipping project is sending 10,000 of these sets to stores across the country.

If the reception is good, we can easily imagine this becoming the next step in the growth of

subscription-based services like those we’ve mentioned before. Currently, such services just put

a handful of curated items into moving boxes, but for fragile items and companies with more

resources at their disposal, crate shipping might be a cool way of enticing the customer to buy

directly – and repeatedly – from the company.

But if anyone is planning to do this with beer and other breakables, make sure to contract with

the best shipping service in your area in order to do this right. In Los Angeles and along much of

the West Coast, that would definitely mean working with Box Brothers.

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