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Property Issues can Throw a Wrench into Certain Moving Plans

There is a story in the news about a property dispute involving a fairly unlikely collection of contestants: five nuns, the archbishop of Los Angeles, an area restaurant owner, and pop star Katy Perry. It is an attention-grabbing case study in the need to be aware of property issues before concluding dealings with the Los […]

Subscription Boxes Now a Recognized Trend

We’re pleased to report that a “Trends” column in Southern California’s Press Enterprise recently highlighted a trend that the Box Brothers blog has been talking about for some time. That is the trend toward more and more subscription-based services that are shipping crates and boxes of consumer goods directly to customers’ doorsteps. The Press Enterprise […]

Guard Against Moving Fraud

There is a rather important cautionary tale about moving fraud at BlogHer. The author details the terrible experience that she and her family had with a shady relocation service that had been subcontracted by their intended movers. The company strong-armed them into paying thousands more than they had intended after leaving them waiting for days […]

Free Shipping Still Growing in Importance

The commerce news site recently carried the announcement by the e-commerce app Spring that it will be offering free shipping on all orders through its “Instagram-like” interface. This is the latest illustration of a trend that we have discussed previously on this blog. Free shipping is an amenity of commerce that is expected by […]

Rural Youth: Be Prepared to Move Twice

The United States Department of Agriculture recently reported that there is a significant push to encourage natives of rural areas to return to their former places of residence, even though it is understood that moving to a more urban setting is necessary for the individual’s education and professional advancement. The success of this project could […]

Motorcycle-Riding Season is Motorcycle-Shipping Season

Summer is upon us, and for many of those who enjoy the open road and live in temperate climates, that means motorcycle season. A quick web search should uncover a large number of motorcycle rallies and charity events scheduled for the coming weeks in numerous localities from New York to Los Angeles. That option may […]

A Smooth Move for a Solid Relationship

New York’s ABC affiliate reports that 40 million Americans are expected to move at some time in 2015, many of them in May, which happens to be National Moving Month. Just in a time for the occasion, a survey of 300 recent-movers in New York revealed some of the stresses that come with the experience, […]

Moving Day Bucket List

   Melia Robinson, an author with Business Insider presumably has a shipping service lined up for her life-transforming trip from New York City to San Francisco. Her recent article about the move makes clear that its transformative nature has to do not only with what will be waiting for her when she unpacks her shipping boxes […]

The Transformative Power of Moving

  The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper recently published a human interest story that details how moving into a new environment can be a transformative experience, something that helps a person to adjust to a change of life or to cope with loss. The latter was what was needed by the woman profiled in the story, […]
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