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Shipping & Package Tracking

div.pointslist ol li {margin-bottom:5px;} Continued growth of business to consumer (b2c) e-commerce has increased demand for low-cost package shipping services. Demand for inexpensive parcel shipping is especially intense for online and catalog retailers, as well as for private online sellers (such as Amazon and eBay sellers). These merchants face consumers keen on being able to follow their package at all … Continue reading »

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Shipping Golf Clubs

Whether on a family vacation or business trip, countless people enjoy golfing when traveling. Unfortunately, traveling with golf clubs can be difficult and a significant hassle. If the clubs aren’t adequately protected and cushioned, they will likely knock into one another on the flight, possibly damaging them. Carrying a golf club bag around airports and through security checks … Continue reading »

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Automobile Shipping Services

Car Shipping Guidelines Make a copy of all keys. Have your registration and title. Have your proof of insurance. Disable the car alarm. TIP: For liability reasons, you may NOT place clothing or other belongings in the car for shipping.

Countless people require a packing and shipping service nearly every day. A number of customers visit Box Brothers on an … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s Day Shipping

- Distance Can’t Stop Love – Shipping Gifts & Treats for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, couples throughout the world are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their significant other. Unfortunately, many couples are physically separated by great distances. Some people live in different states, some in different countries, and some are in a relationship with … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Being Early

Since the beginning of my career in the moving industry (in the 70’s), I have never experienced a summer with such a shortage of moving trucks. Summer is always busy, however this is the first year that is fully booked for a month in advance. Anyone planning to move long-distance this summer should call their moving company immediately, as availability … Continue reading »

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How To Properly Insure Against Loss Or Damage, On A Move.

It is important to note, that in most moving situations, state regulations directly affect the question of how to properly insure against loss or damage, on a move. For example, if you are moving across state lines, from one state to another state, federal regulations supersede all other rules and laws in this area. Licensed movers are required to at … Continue reading »

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A Guide To Moving Boxes & Their Uses

Small Box (1.5 cu. ft.) – 16” x 12” x 12” – The standard “Small Box,” also known as a “Book Box” or “Record Box,” is the ideal box for smaller, heavier items. As the name suggests, it is the standard box for packing books, LP records, and even documents (if a File Box is unavailable to you). This box … Continue reading »

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How To Move Plants

Almost every house has at least one or two house plants in it. Many people don’t think about how they’re going to transport their plants when it comes time to move. Simply placing them bare on a truck is not recommended. Plants can easily be damaged by temperature changes, and are prone to becoming unpotted during a move. Here are … Continue reading »

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How To Pack For Self-Storage

Packing your belongings properly and efficiently for self-storage (in a storage facility) is beneficial in a number of ways. A. If you will be visiting your storage unit frequently to retrieve, use, or put away belongings, it helps to have room to move about within the unit. B. You will have room to add any unplanned items to the storage … Continue reading »

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Moving Myths

Top Moving Myths Myth 1: “All boxes are the same. There is no benefit to ‘moving’ boxes.” This is simply untrue. Boxes come in varying strengths, and moving boxes are designed and built to hold more weight. Most often, the free boxes you may find behind a grocery store will collapse if you fill them up with books or comparable … Continue reading »

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How To Move With A Pet

Moving can be frustrating enough without pets, but with them it can be a difficult challenge. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that moving with your pet will be a safe and successful task.

Is your pet used to traveling in a car? Get the accustomed to being in a car by taking them with you when you’re driving … Continue reading »

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