California Wildfires Still a Threat to Property

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that evacuations had been lifted on hundreds of homes in wildfire-affected areas of California, especially a community about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. Moving companies shouldn’t rush to take people back into the area, though. The current respite does not necessarily mean that the danger to life and […]

Moving In with a Partner vs. Moving Together

The lifestyle publication Madame Noire has posted a feature that ought to provide some food for thought to any couple that is thinking of making the transition from living separately to cohabitation in one of their pre-established homes. While the article lists a series of recommended dos and don’ts for women who will be unpacking […]

Free Shipping Returns to Major Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

We’ve highlighted other stories like this in the past, but according to Geek Wire, Target is offering free shipping on all online orders until August 15, in an effort to latch onto a higher portion of the back-to-school market. Wal-Mart has made a similar move, reducing the threshold for free shipping from 50 dollar to […]

Does the Moving Industry Need Disrupting?

A feature at the news site OZY, has profiled a handful of startups that are purportedly poised to “disrupt” the moving industry in the Seattle-area. “Before they pulled up,” the article says of these new business models, “the only real option had been the do-it-yourself, U-Haul-type national companies, or local two-guys-and-a-truck operations.” But that’s not […]

Newly Unpacked at the J. Paul Getty Museum

A new exhibition has just opened at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It is purported to be the largest collection ever assembled of bronze sculpture from the Hellenistic period, which covered about 300 years before the Common Era. Whenever we see stories like these, our interest in the art is easily matched […]

Businesses Face July Shipping Surge

E-commerce Bytes recently reported that Amazon’s announcement of Amazon Prime Day, July 15, had set of something of a chain reaction among businesses that do a good portion of their business online and partner with shipping services to get products to consumers from Los Angeles to New York. Amazon and some of its major competitors like […]

Crate Shipping for a Hassle-Free Move

A recent article from Forum Communications News Service gives a playful, quirky description of the hassles involved in moving. The content of the essay should be familiar to anyone who has changed residence even once or twice in their life.   And it’s certainly even more familiar to the staff of companies like Box Brothers, […]
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