Crate Shipping for a Hassle-Free Move

Crate Shipping for a Hassle-Free Move

A recent article from Forum Communications News Service gives a playful, quirky description of the hassles involved in moving. The content of the essay should be familiar to anyone who has changed residence even once or twice in their life.


And it’s certainly even more familiar to the staff of companies like Box Brothers, which have spent years helping clients as they move, by providing crate shipping for large items, or just by selling moving boxes and shipping supplies to customers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Seattle.

The author’s problems and concerns familiar to us, but we’ve also become very adept at solving them. At the simplest level, there’s no need for anyone to struggle to find moving boxes as the author did. Not if you’re near a Box Brothers location, anyway.


Beyond that, the author indicates that she came up with good ways of lightening the workload of moving on one’s own. In her case she put out a call for help on Facebook. But considering that she started her article by describing herself as drinking coffee from a jar and using an extension cord as a belt, it seems like there must have been some drawbacks.


If you want to make sure that your belongings are all accounted for and in a sensible order, waiting for you when you arrive at your new home, skip the Facebook invites and go for professional crate shipping from Box Brothers. You’ll have a smoother move with much, much less hassle.

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