Don’t Count on Found Boxes

Don’t Count on Found Boxes

When beginning the process of moving, a lot of people seem to assume that essential aspects of it will be much easier than they really are. The act of sorting and packing all your belongings may be surprisingly complicated. Sometimes we don’t know how much we possess until we have to pack it all into boxes. And sometimes that means we don’t realize how badly we need decent moving boxes and shipping supplies.

A lot of people seem to assume that these things will be easy to obtain, cheaply or for free, even in the eleventh hour. Whether they’re looking for moving boxes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, or Las Vegas, they tend to assume that they’ll just be able to grab discarded boxes from behind the local supermarket.

In fact, a lot of businesses have procedures for crushing their cardboard on site, and getting your hands on intact cardboard may be difficult, if it is permitted at all. Also, people often fail to recognize that cardboard moving boxes aren’t always enough. Antique shipping and art shipping require shipping crates and careful planning.

The components of a safe and efficient move simply aren’t located next to any dumpster.

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