Final Sendoff

Final Sendoff

The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported last week on the funeral arrangements that local retired missionary Pat Stooksbury has made for herself. Custom shipping crates were an important part in her life and work, so she decided that she would be buried in one. Well, not an actual shipping crate, but a custom shipping crate-casket complete with the words “Return to Sender” stamped across the top.


As a Southern Baptist missionary, Stooksbury lived much of her life in Ecuador, taking year-long furloughs in her native Knoxville where she and her friends and family would spend the time collecting and packing supplies into two or more custom shipping crates in order to ship them to her field posting and get her through the next four years.


“Every four years I’ve packed up crates with supplies to send to the field,” Stooksbury told the paper. “I thought that would be neat if I could be buried in a crate.” Pamela Woods of the Stevens Mortuary obliged her request and Stooksbury is reportedly very happy with the result, saying, “I can just enjoy the rest of my life now.”


What better way than this to send off someone who has had a lasting relationship with shipping crates? Perhaps it’s something for Box Brothers to keep in mind…

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