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Antique Shipping

We specialize in Antique Shipping.

Antique shipping is the art form of professionally packing and shipping delicate antiques which is no simple task and it requires proper training, skill, extensive knowledge, and most importantly, experience.

For over 25 years, Box Brothers has successfully and safely shipped family antiques, heirlooms, and artifacts all around the United States and several parts of the world. Our success comes from an emphasis on customer satisfaction and item safety. We carefully package each antique to ensure its successful shipment and arrival. When you package 1000’s of packages per year you have to be safe and to prove it, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and maintain an A+ rating with the Bureau for our outstanding attention to customer needs and requests.

We understand smart consumers don’t rely on “just anybody” to deliver their priceless antiques—so why choose a low cost shipper whose only promise is fast delivery? The Box Bros can do a lot better than just “fast service” —we’ll pack and ship your antiques so they arrive on time and in pristine condition, every single time.

We learned years ago that professional packing and shipping is not a typical transaction – it is a special skill that takes time and care to master. To the uneducated, it may seem like the easiest thing in the world: you just throw the item in a box with some tape and newspaper, right? Wrong. That is how moving disasters happen.

In sports, coaches love to say, “Be the ball.” Here at the Box Bros, we train all of our employees to “Be the box.” Every Box Bros employee has been trained to be present in the moment, engaged in the job, and aware of their surroundings every moment they have ownership of your antique item. Our employees realize packing antiques is no simple task. To do it right, it requires training, skill, awareness, and most importantly, experience.

Why is Antique Shipping Experience Important?

If you’ve ever had a moving disaster happen on your watch—you know the answer to that question. Anybody who has had an irreplaceable heirloom damaged in a move, or a one-of-a-kind antique lost in shipping—knows the devastation that goes with losing an item that can’t be replaced. In these cases, there is no amount of insurance that can cover replacing an item that has sentimental value.

When you have to ship precious antiques, the best way to ensure their safety is to choose a moving and shipping company that has the reputation for being the best. The faster you choose a moving partner you can trust – the faster you can start worrying about things that matter—like what happens with your antiques when they arrive safely at your destination.

Precious items deserve extra special care, especially when they’re in transit—from your fine China, to that antique sofa you just had refurbished, to your daughter’s paperweight she made for you in school – it doesn’t matter what you consider an “antique” in your world, you can rest assured that the Box Bros will treat all of your priceless items like they are pure gold. If you’re looking for a professional team of movers who knows how to package and ship antiques flawlessly – the Box Bros has the resume and the reputation to handle the job and keep you sleeping easy at night.

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