Shipping Electronics and Computers

Shipping Electronics requires a certain level of know-how just like shipping antiques or glass, there are rules that should be followed to protect your electronic valuables.

We ship all electronics, from Cell Phones to Computers to Large Screen TV’s and conference room projectors, our shipping experts have it covered. We always make sure our clients’ electronics are packed securely and tightly to limit movement, bounce and ultimately damage. We have many precautions to consider when packing or shipping electronics and we always take into account the worst case scenarios. This extra preparedness makes our electronic packaging team double package when necessary and add packaging bubble rap or peanuts for extra protection.

Whether shipping electronics to a friend or back to the manufacturer for repairs, it is best to package and insure them properly. The best way to do this is to engage our packaging team. We can package your electronics easily and safely. At Box Bros our packing experts have the experience and materials to package your products properly in the safest manner.

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Shipping Electronics