Guard Against Moving Fraud

Guard Against Moving Fraud

moving vs. shipping

There is a rather important cautionary tale about moving fraud at BlogHer. The author details the terrible experience that she and her family had with a shady relocation service that had been subcontracted by their intended movers. The company strong-armed them into paying thousands more than they had intended after leaving them waiting for days to have their moving boxes picked up from an already-sold home.

Of course the experience was enough to prevent the author from falling into the same trap again during a subsequent move, but the story should encourage readers to defend against it the first time. Moving fraud is a known phenomenon, and as the author rightly points out it becomes more commonplace in the busy summer months. This is why it is important, especially now, to make sure you contract with a relocation service that has a well-established reputation, and that you formally negotiate with them up-front.

At the same time, the BlogHer article points out that scams arise from the fact that the industry sometimes cannot accommodate the demand. If you simply can’t secure trusted relocation services, you might consider looking to other options such as custom crate shipping. Compared to traditional movers, a shipping service may be more flexible, in that they can provide moving boxes and shipping supplies, hold your things for a period of time, and deliver them to your new home as soon as you are there and ready to move in.

Of course, even in this case you’ll need to make absolutely sure that you’re working with a reliable, reputable company with a good track record in customer service. But as long as this is the case, crate shipping can eliminate many of the summertime problems that contribute to moving fraud.

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