Industrial Antique Poses Shipping Challenge

Industrial Antique Poses Shipping Challenge

An auction can be a good place to find interesting and unique items. It can also be a good place to find something that’s a real challenge to get home. West Virginia’s Telegraph Examiner newspaper this week reported that a local concrete business is closing and getting ready to auction off its assets, which happen to include something unusual: an old steam engine that ran farm equipment a long time ago.

West Virginia is a bit too far away from Box Brothers’ numerous West Coast locations for us to be of much help. But we would like to wish luck to whoever wins this item, and we hope that there are relocation services in that area that enjoy the same sort of expertise we bring to antique shipping and crate shipping in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

The seller of the steam engine admits that he doesn’t know what to expect from the auction, which means that unless some serious collectors show up, someone might be able to buy this thing for cheap and sell it at a profit later. Damaging it in transit could be an expensive mistake. So whatever the winning bid is, the winner better not skimp on antique shipping.

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