From the President 

A Message From Box Brothers President, Mark Frydman I am very proud to have the opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and for providing us with an opportunity to serve your moving or shipping needs. I am aware that you have a number of choices to make when you have an item packed or crated, or shipped by parcel carrier, or by freight carrier. I also know that a lot of firms can sell you a box. You can rest assured that when you work with Box Brothers, you are working with a true partner who is interested in making sure that your priorities (e.g. safety, timing, insurance, cost, etc), are met, whatever they may be. We take great pride in our customer service, as we truly believe that it is our “secret sauce,” as many firms can ship your goods or pack your items, but we were the first to guarantee our packaging and we were the first to ship household goods, in the freight system, due to our comprehensive packaging techniques that we developed and refined, in the 25 years we have been working with individuals, corporations, schools, chairitable foundations, auction houses, artists and business organizations scanning the globe. We are also very proud that we offer in store services in multiple states and that we are not a broker, as so many of our competitors are. We think, that we have more satisfied customers than all of our competitors, put together. However, it is one thing to know this, and another to do it, but you can check with all government agencies and the BBB and you will see that no one competitor matches up to our record in the industry. As for references, ours are not just made up. Our track record is what sets up apart. In fact, I guarantee our service and if anyone who uses our service or products is unhappy in any way, please contact me directly at 800-842-6937 or email me at msf@boxbros.com. When it comes to service, price and commitment to the customer, I guarantee your satisfaction. I have been doing this for 25 years and there is no one else in America who can claim this. With pride and respect, Mark Frydman President, Box Brothers Companies

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