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April 15, 2015
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May 11, 2015
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The Brand Channel recently conducted an interview with Mike Callaghan, the vice president of brand marketing for Century 21 realtors, regarding the company’s new online marketing campaign. The campaign creatively uses cut-outs made from moving boxes in order to tell short, silent stories about the challenge of moving to a new place.

Each stop-motion performance starts and ends with a shot looking through the open bottom of a moving box, as if to say that packing supplies and shipping crates can lead the viewer into an entire new world. So while the creative videos are intended to advertise realty services, we’d be quick to point out that they could also be used to say something about relocation services.

Just as the Century 21 agent helps to give the characters a new feeling of home in each of the three videos that have been released so far, so too can Box Brothers help eliminate the anxiety of a move, making sure that all the material reminders of home make their way safely and quickly to a new residence.

And it may be worth mentioning that if you’re inspired to make similar art out of your used moving boxes and packing supplies after watching these videos, Box Brothers has the best material you could hope for.

See Century 21’s “Moved by Moving” series of videos on the company’s YouTube channel

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