Moving In with a Partner vs. Moving Together

Moving In with a Partner vs. Moving Together


The lifestyle publication Madame Noire has posted a feature that ought to provide some food for thought to any couple that is thinking of making the transition from living separately to cohabitation in one of their pre-established homes.

While the article lists a series of recommended dos and don’ts for women who will be unpacking their boxes in what used to be their boyfriends’ bachelor pads, the general topic is just as relevant to men who are employing a relocation service to mix their lives into their girlfriend’s living spaces.

The main point of the article is that you might need to take measures to avoid conflict when one person needs to adapt to thinking of their home as “ours” instead of “mine.” And for some couples who are serious about starting a new phase of their lives together, this may actually give them incentive to move into a separate third space, instead of trying to layer the new situation on top of the old.

Sure, it will require twice and many moving boxes and possibly the coordination of two moving companies or shipping services. But if you can both pull it off, it may be worth it for the sake of the symbolic gesture of making the transition together.

And depending on your situation, there may be practical benefits, as well. If, for instance, one half of the couple would be collecting his moving boxes in Burbank while the other would be sending out her relocation service from Los Angeles, a joint move is an opportunity to put yourselves in the place that best accommodates both of your existing routines, or that gives both of you the opportunity to discover a new neighborhood and a new, shared lifestyle together.

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