Office moving

Small Business Moves

When moving a small business or relocating an office, it’s crucial to conduct the small business move in a manner that won’t interfere with your business. Having your phones unplugged and your computers disconnected for more than a short while can be damaging to any business. At Box Brothers, we understand the importance of relocating your office efficiently and without hesitation.

Using innovative techniques, we ensure that your business remains uninterrupted throughout the duration of the move. Our options include an after-hours service, in which we begin loading the contents of your office after it has closed for the day, or on the weekend. Your office is transported and unloaded at its new destination before reopening the following day/week. To ensure maximum protection for your office’s contents during transit, ask about our award-winning, on-site guaranteed packing service, which includes safe, expert packaging of computers, monitors, office furniture, servers, and more.

We take great care down to the smallest detail to guarantee the safety of your items, such as padding doorways to prevent them from damaging larger items as they are passing through. Multiple insurance options are available for the entire office move, such as item protection and trip transit protection. Let Box Brothers setup your office at its new location!

Our team of professional office movers specializes in office layout configuration. We will unload and configure your new office according to your desired floor-plan. Whether you’d like it arranged as identically to your old layout as possible, or in a completely new arrangement to better fit the new space, our office moving specialists can help construct your new office however you’d like.