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September 24, 2014
October 9, 2014
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An article in the Buffalo News came to our attention today. It describes a game of “office musical chairs” being played among certain companies in the area’s Amherst suburb. The article cites several reasons for the changes, including different space requirements, the desire for lower overhead, and the appeal of the surrounding populations and services at different locations.


But the article grabs our attention because we imagine that a city like Buffalo would also have to have very reliable business relocation services and shipping companies, if local businesses feel that they are capable of moving their entire operations multiple times in the space of a few years.


We don’t know the Buffalo area like we know the West Coast. But we have a long history of selling moving boxes in Los Angeles, shipping supplies in San Francisco, relocation services in Seattle, and so on and so forth. And we understand that around here, if a business doesn’t know who it’s working with for these purposes, a large-scale move can carry severe, unexpected costs in terms of lost productivity.


Good for Buffalo if they have relocation services similar to those we offer in our areas of operation. Nationwide, such efficient packing and moving is difficult to find.

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