Ready to Welcome a Local Business Back to California

Ready to Welcome a Local Business Back to California

This is sure to be a hell of a move: Y&H Mercantile, a boutique clothing shop in Richmond, Virginia recently announced that it will be closing up shop after two years on the East Coast and moving all the way across the country, returning to its roots in Oakland, California.


Although they’ll be liquidating some of their merchandise with a sidewalk sale sometime this month, there’s little doubt that a lot of clothing will be left offer to be packed into shipping crates and sent over the nearly 3,000 miles between the two cities. And that’s to say nothing of the store fixtures, signage, and other items that will come along with proprietors Yaa Taah and Hansi Armentrout.


As a California-based business that deals with crate shipping and long-distance relocation services on a daily basis, we bid Y&H god speed on their journey, and we’ll be eager to welcome them back to Oakland. We’d be even more eager to help them facilitate the trip and make sure that all of that carefully selected clothing and all of the mementos of two great years in Richmond make it back safe and sound, and quickly enough to please your West Coast customers.


Moving a business is tough and can be seriously nerve-wracking. Coming back to a place where you have roots may make it a more comforting experience, but until that last moving box or shipping crate is accounted for and opened up, it can feel as though your whole life is in limbo. For Y&H and for any other business that is in need of relocation services, we would urge the owners to take care in selecting a crating and shipping company that they know very well they can trust.

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