Reasons to Ship Your Motorcycle… to Britain?

Reasons to Ship Your Motorcycle… to Britain?

A recent report by the Motorcycle Industry Association brings attention to the economic value that motorcycle riders bring to the economy of the United Kingdom. Its findings might not be directly relevant to readers in Los Angeles, but nonetheless we might find it interesting since the West Coast of the United States is thought of as a hotspot for the motorcycle lifestyle, and rainy Britain decidedly isn’t. But the Motorcycle Industry report indicates that motorcycle sales have been on the grow in the UK in the past year, and that motorcycle tourism has been similarly flourishing.


Motorcycle Shipping


This blog has previously suggested that motorcycle riders in the eastern United States might be interested in utilizing professional motorcycle shipping to send their bikes on ahead to locales where riding is safe and pleasant for a larger portion of the year. Well, now we’re going to point out that crate shipping is just as viable an option to transport your motorcycle to parts of the world that you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with that lifestyle. Whether you’re vacationing in the states with long winters or hiring relocation services to transport your life, motorcycle and all, to the British Isles.


It’s worth noting that bikers who are attached to their vehicle have the option of shipping motorcycles from Los Angeles to London, whereas motorists require a whole new vehicle with the steering column on the opposite side. Between that and the knowledge that your lifestyle is on the grow in Britain and is helping to create jobs, maybe this presents some extra incentive for you to pack some sturdy moving boxes for an overseas relocation, if that’s something you were considering.

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