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March 30, 2015
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April 8, 2015
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The website Fine Home Building posted an advice column this week detailing seven common mistakes that people make when moving. The tips are definitely worthwhile, especially if you’re a first time mover and/or you’ve decided to go about it pretty much on your own.

But we would be quick to point out that most of the issues highlighted in the article could be solved relatively easily by working with qualified, professional relocation services. Reading the linked article may give you a leg up on anticipating a few common problems, but it is only one step along the way to solving them.

At the same time, Box Brothers or another supplier of relocation services, moving boxes, and packing supplies will be able to talk to you directly and field questions about not only these seven common oversights, but also other problems that might come up involving your own moving project and your particular belongings.

If your move involves antique shipping or fine art shipping, it may not be enough to just read an article that says “not packing items safely” is a common mistake. You probably already knew that. The question is, how secure are the items you’ve already packed, and how can you tell?

Should you be comfortable using old television boxes for moving, or would it be worthwhile for you to invest in custom crate shipping for your more valuable or fragile items?

The internet can point you in the direction of a safe and stress-free moving experience. But moving is extremely hands-on, and nothing can beat the effects of real experience. So if we may say so ourselves, the best thing that an internet article can do before your big move is to point you toward packing and shipping professionals like Box Brothers.

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