Sharing the Seasons via Crate Shipping

Sharing the Seasons via Crate Shipping

Snow Box

A Massachusetts man recently had the brilliant idea to remove some of the massive quantities of snow from his property by shipping it out of state. And he’s making a profit off of the venture. In an interview with the Weather Channel, Kyle Waring said that nearly one hundred people had already taken advantage of the service when his startup, was just selling plastic bottles filled with what started in Massachusetts as snow and generally ended up at its destination as water.


But now Waring has made his company a more sophisticated shipping service, carefully packaging snow in six and ten pound batches so that it can arrive in shipping crates in Las Vegas or San Francisco still sufficiently intact to make a couple of snowballs.

Dog in Snow


No doubt this is a unique challenge for shipping services – maybe more of a challenge than fine art crating or antique shipping. But as Waring has demonstrated, it’s a perfectly solvable problem, even for business that started up on a lark. Expert shippers like Box Brothers could preserve even more of Waring’s product in custom boxes on efficient, direct shipping routes.


Maybe ShipSnowYo will kick off a trend in using such custom shipping to share the experience of different seasons with friends on the other side of the country. Perhaps some entrepreneur would be interested in returning Waring’s favor by gathering some moving boxes in Redondo Beach and shipping samples of sea and sand back east where everything is still covered in snow.

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