Clients with several items to ship, or larger items, may be interested in our freight & household goods department. For your convenience, our pick-up service can save you the hassle of bringing in your belongings . Once picked up, our award-winning team of packing experts professionally packages the items. Depending on the item specifics, each shipment may be palletized, containerized, or crated. Sometimes, multiple methods are combined if necessary (i.e. crating several items individually and putting all the crates in a container). We then ship your belongings via one of our trusted carriers. Our longstanding relationship with the freight companies ensures that our clients always receive the best possible rate. We work with marine, air, and ground-based carriers, each offering a variety of specialties. Marine carriers are an efficient means of transporting automobiles, break bulk cargo (material stacked on wooden pallets), containers, and “project cargo.” Containers are the largest and fastest growing cargo category at most ports worldwide. Containerized cargo includes everything from auto parts, machinery and manufacturing components to shoes and toys to frozen meat and seafood. Project cargo and the heavy lift cargo include items like manufacturing equipment, air conditioners, factory components, generators, wind turbines, military equipment, and almost any other oversized or overweight cargo which is too big or too heavy to fit into a container. We provide an array of air cargo (or air freight) services, which are generally considered a faster method of shipping than ground or ocean. Air services vary from priority same-day shipping, to no-rush services such as deferred air. Box Brothers packages air cargo in a number of ways, ranging from wooden palletized shipments, containers, and sometimes free-form. If necessary, we also ship air freight via quick-loading containers known as ULD’s (Unit Load Devices). Air shipments aren’t always large freight. FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service also employ aircrafts for their priority shipping services. From Box Brothers, a client may ship something for next-day arrival on an aircraft even if it is just an envelope. Whether our client’s need to ship a small envelope, or an entire living room, we have the knowledge, experience, and services to accommodate them. Call Box Brothers today for all your domestic and international shipping & freight needs.

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