Shipping Electronics To/From Las Vegas for CES

Shipping Electronics To/From Las Vegas for CES

The Consumer Electronics Show & The Importance of PROFESSIONAL Electronics Packing/Shipping Services

A Guest-Written Article

Las Vegas, here I come! This will be my year, I know it! Last year I was just one of the throng, stuck at the back of the room listening to Seidenberg give the keynote address, wending my way through the crowds at the exhibit hall, but this year I won’t be wearing a visitor’s name badge! I’ve got my own booth at CES! You know – CES – the Consumer Electronics Show! People and companies from all over the world will be attending; everybody who is anybody will be there. Microsoft, Sony, Vizio, Samsung, Celestron… you name them, they’ll be there. A year ago I was just another face in the crowd, but now I’m headed to the top!

I got my ticket today, and a room at Circus Circus. Sure, I know it’s not the Excalibur or the Hilton. That’s for next year after I make it big. I’ve got my posters, my prototypes, brochures, business cards, software, hardware, cables, extra batteries… you’re probably wondering how I’m ever going to get all this on the airplane. No worries! I learned my lesson last year.

Of course, last year it wasn’t shipping TO Las Vegas that was the problem. It was all the stuff I brought home from the show! It was way too much to pack, especially with the airlines charging incredibly high additional baggage fees. I found this great shipping place right there in Las Vegas that could ship all my items anywhere in the world! A representative of theirs came to my hotel to give me a free packing and shipping quote. They gave me a number of options to choose from in regards to packing and shipping everything. I didn’t want to lug all my stuff to their store (even though they have multiple locations there), so the representative suggested their on-site packing service, meaning they’d come to my hotel and pack the items right there! We went over my extensive packing and shipping options… I could have all my stuff crated, boxed together, or boxed separately in various size shipping boxes. They even had packing materials made especially for electronics shipping, such as anti-static bubble wrap to prevent my gadgets from going haywire! I opted to have my stuff boxed separately, but shipped together. How, you ask? Well, after they packed all my new toys up they would place all the shipping boxes on a wooden pallet, stretch wrap them all together (securing them to the pallet), and ship everything as a single freight shipment! Their freight service saved me a whole bunch of money on shipping… it was far more affordable than sending each box individually via UPS or FedEx.
They told me they ship all sorts of things to and from Las Vegas – even props and costumes for shows and artwork for hotel art galleries. Their specialized electronics shipping service specializes in computer and office equipment packing and shipping, and it really shows! Everything arrived the day after I did, in PERFECT condition and fully functional.
So this year, after I reserved my booth, I called them. They’ll be here in an hour to pick everything up. They say it will all be waiting for me when I arrive, and I believe them! I’ve just got my laptop and a carry-on for the plane. Now that’s the gotta be the most convenient way to travel!

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