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“Dear Marianna, Just wanted to thank you again the smooth move, all of you were fantastic and I appreciate all the support and kindness, in addition to the professional service. It was easy, and fun and I enjoyed getting to know all of you as well! Please let me know where I can send my recommendation or testimonial and i’ll be glad to do it.”

Sincerely, Lacy W.

“I wanted to let someone know what a great job Chris has been doing. I live in Florida but our son lives in Woodland Hills CA an is in the process of moving back east to FL. Chris has gone beyond the call of duty to help me get our son’s items ready and is assisting us in getting the items shipped. He is quick to respond, has explained the process for shipping so many items, has been clear on the costs and just overall a pleasure to work with. I had spoken with moving companies and they just want the job but they don’t want to give you the time of day. It is mostly, trust me and don’t ask questions attitude.” It is so refreshing to find someone who does care about their work and most importantly the service they provide to their customer. Over the years customer service industries seem to be more concerned with how quickly can they get it done and not how well it is done. If Chris is at all representative of your other employees then you should do well in the future as a company.” It has been a pleasure doing business with Box Brothers and most especially with Chris Green”

Reguards, Joyce M. Punta Gorda, FL

“Thank you B.B. for all your help on a last minute moving venture. The person who helped me (8533 Santa Monica Blvd W. Hollywood Ca., 310-854-0543) was great in accommodating my needs. Rock on B.B”

“Box Bros. provides excellent service and Ray Nolasco is the best. I have been going to this location for about 8 years. Ray has been packing, boxing and shipping to my daughters during those years while they attended college down south and back east. I have also used Box Bros. to help me with boxes as I moved from one house to another. Ray always provided helpful suggestions and options that gave me maximum flexibility. I have sent many friends here to relieve their stress and anxiety in shipping. You never have to worry. Your items will arrive in pristine condition. I ship items regularly and have never had a problem. I just left Box Bros today and had yet another stress free visit where everything was handled with professional service in a pleasant atmosphere.”

“I am a court reporter so it is important to me that the court documents I mail arrive at the destination timely and intact. I know that will happen if I send my documents via David Collins at Box Brothers, 11701 Wilshire Blvd., Ste C, L.A., Ca. 90025. David is a professional, and I feel secure when my documents are in his proficient hands. Thanks, David, for making my work load lighter.”

“Box Brothers Inglewood did a fantastic job on our move. I’ve used movers about 5 times during various moves, and Box Brothers was by far the best and most professional. They were able to accommodate my move in various ways, which was great. Essentially we moved two apartments from two different places into one. In addition, the pick up and delivery dates had to be different. Box Brothers picked up everything from two locations about 30 miles apart, stored everything overnight and brought everything to the new location the next day. I was never worried about any of my belongings, they are insured and reputed, which I found out many movers aren’t. Also, there were no hidden charges, everything was upfront. The staff was very helpful as well. The manager on the move was great, he made suggestions on how to wrap things and move them as well as asked questions before making any assumptions about how to handle my things. The move was very efficient and smooth. They also went above and beyond, they moved some furniture onto a roof top deck, which was not required of them and was not easy. I would recommend Box Brothers to my friends and colleagues as well as will use them myself again.”

A. Jayaram Santa Monica, CA

“Dear Chris, I wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work you and your team did for us in Las Vegas. Your professionalism during the harsh weather…”

“Dear Chris, We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We rely on dependable service from suppliers like you to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our customers. We want you to know that we appreciate your efforts…”

”The only time I recall moving far distance was when we moved from the Philippines to Australia and then from Australia to the USA. All these moves were coordinated by my mother who was our rock and who kept us together making sure we had everything we needed.Less than two weeks ago Joe and I decided to move cross country from Las Vegas to the Midwest. We didn’t know whether we should have used a U-Haul or just dump all of our stuff, or use Allied Van Lines. I decided to call a Van Lines company and explained to them what we needed transporting. Because we had a budget and did not have a full house-load to move, the representative of Van Lines suggested Box Brothers on Sahara and ask for Chris Best.Chris was very patient with us and advised us of how much we would be expecting to pay. I honestly thought we didn’t have that much to bring and said we may only have about 12-14 boxes, a dresser set, and our couch, flat screen TV, and TV stand. Amazingly enough we ended up with a little over 1200lbs. Who would have guessed? We had to give up our bedroom set because we couldn’t afford the extra poundage. Blah. All good though. My fault for not being realistic.Upon arrival, we received three pallets of our goods. They packed our sofa perfectly, our flat screen TV was bubble wrapped some more for protection, amplifier was boxed and protected with bubble wrap as well, and TV stand was also boxed well. All the important stuff was in tact and working well. I do have to say, some things were broken but my boyfriend and I agree that was our fault since we did not pack them well.What you have to expect when using box brothers is they place your boxes and items packed together and boxes may squish. So, be sure to bubble wrap everything you think may break. Even though they will pack things you can’t pack yourself, it’s just best to be safe than sorry.Also, the movers that came to the house to pick up our stuff were so professional and kind. We are only sorry that we didn’t have much money for a tip and we seemed very cheap with our tip. I’m really sorry about that guys. Be sure to give a good tip if you like how they handled your belongings. Plus, it helps with them taking better care of you.Lastly, I must have called Chris Best a thousand times over and over again. My constant worry must have drove him crazy. But through all the phone calls, Chris did not, once, sound impatient or annoyed. It’s also his customer service that made me believe in their company to do a more than awesome job.
All we have to say is thank you Chris Best and Box Brothers for making our move an easy one. You’ve not only saved us money but worry.
Kudos to you guys!”

–Sarah N

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