Shipping Golf Clubs

Shipping Golf Clubs

Whether on a family vacation or business trip, countless people enjoy golfing when traveling. Unfortunately, traveling with golf clubs can be difficult and a significant hassle. If the clubs aren’t adequately protected and cushioned, they will likely knock into one another on the flight, possibly damaging them. Carrying a golf club bag around airports and through security checks is complicated, especially when traveling alone on a business trip and carrying other luggage. A number of people may decide to purchase a hard case for their clubs to protect them from getting damaged when tossed around by baggage attendants. While this may protect your golf clubs from physical damage (and even so, it won’t protect the clubs themselves from coming into forceful contact with one another), it does NOT solve the issue of having to shlep your golf bag through the airport and airport security. When going through security, golf bags are nearly always opened and checked for any suspicious/dangerous items. Unfortunately, some of your golf bag’s contents, such as golf balls and ball markers, are likely to get lost during this security check. If that isn’t problematic enough, keep in mind that your golf club bag along with the equipment it contains (including clubs, balls, gloves, etc…) are considered NO DIFFERENT than any other baggage. Just as ordinary luggage is oftentimes lost or misplaced by the airline, your valuable golf clubs are equally likely to get lost. Furthermore, you will have to pay an extra baggage fee, just as you would if you were bringing regular luggage/suitcases. American Airlines, for example, charges $25 for the 1st checked bag (each way), $35 for the 2nd, and $100 each way for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th bag. IN ADDITION to the extra baggage fee, there is a $60 charge for bags weighing between 51-70lbs, and a $100 charge for bags weighing between 71lbs. and 100lbs.

DO THE MATH: If you are already checking (the usual) two (2) suitcases, and are planning to bring along your golf clubs, you will be paying a $100 extra baggage fee EACH WAY. Golf clubs usually weigh around 60lbs, but if your golf bag contains just a few more items, OR if you are placing your golf bag in a hard-case for extra protection, it will likely weigh over 70lbs. As a result, you’d be paying a $100 extra baggage fee AND a $100 weight fee each way.
Baggage Fee + Weight Fee x Each Way
RESULT:    $100 + $100 x 2 = $400

The most convenient and reliable solution to the problems listed above is to avoid them altogether by SHIPPING YOUR GOLF CLUBS. With one phone call to a professional packing and shipping service, you can have your golf clubs/bag picked up from your home, office, or hotel, professionally packaged, and shipped to wherever you’re traveling via ground or air shipping.

TIP: For an insurance claim to be honored in case of damage, your golf clubs MUST be properly packaged (packed in accordance with the shipping carrier’s “proper packaging guidelines“). For this reason, it is strongly recommended you have your golf clubs professionally packed.

Furthermore, when shipping your golf clubs, insuring them is a breeze! Checking your golf bag on a flight, however, subjects it to the same insurance policy as standard baggage. Federal regulations require airlines to compensate you for up to $3,300 if they damage your baggage or its contents. HOWEVER, according to an article on the official Frommer’s website¹, “the airline will attempt to depreciate the value of your loss.”

Avoid dealing with unreliable insurance, negligent handling of your clubs, and the headache of airport security! Don’t risk your precious golf clubs getting lost and ending up on a baggage carousel in Siberia! Whether it be in Las Vegas, Hawaii, or any other city, the next time you wish to bring your golf clubs along on a family vacation or business trip, ship your golf bag/clubs rather than taking them on a flight… you’ll be happy you did when they arrive safely and on-time at their destination.

¹ –

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