• TONS of domestic & international shipping options & services.
  • FREE shipping quotes! We provide quotes in the manner most convenient to our client. Shipments can be quoted on-site, at the client’s home or business, as well as online or over the phone, and at any of our locations.
  • We work with all major carriers incl. UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • Air & Ocean Cargo shipments, as well as rail and truck transport.
  • Competitive rate comparison among the different carriers.
  • Pick-Up service available. To provide an accurate quote on the spot, items are weighed on-site at the pick-up location (i.e. your residence or business).
  • Professional, high-quality packaging service available. Includes items of any size and items requiring special packaging (i.e. crating).
  • Multiple expedited shipping services are available for anything from small to large shipments, freight, and LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipments.
  • Shipping insurance, coupled with our expert packing, gives you peace of mind that your items are covered; no matter what happens.
  • Professional palletizing, containerization, boxing, and more!

Box Brothers has been offering affordable, convenient, and hassle-free shipping services since 1985. We work with all major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL), freight carriers (including ground, ocean, & air freight), the United States Postal Service, airlines, and more! Unlike carrier-specific stores that only ship through a single carrier, Box Brothers works with all carriers. This allows us to offer our clients competitive rates from multiple shipping companies. When a customer enters a Box Brothers location to ship something, they are always given a comparison of rates offered by the different carriers. It is then the client’s decision which service best suits their needs. That’s what sets Box Brothers apart from the competition in the shipping business. We do not benefit in any way from a client choosing one carrier over another. We wish simply to always provide our customers with the best possible service and rate; no strings attached. Our clients benefit greatly from our extensive training, knowledge, and experience in all modes of shipping, logistics, and transportation. Our vast list of shipping options includes various forms of marine cargo, air cargo, and land transportation. Shipments can be boxed, palletized, containerized, or even go free form, depending on the nature of the item. We offer a complete, full-featured service capable of accommodating any order. This means that we can pick up, pack, and ship any item(s), so you never have to go anywhere else! Our packing and shipping specialties include fine art, electronics, servers, furniture, sculptures, and even motorcycles! We provide shipping services for a variety of clients, ranging from large corporations to interior designers. Box Brothers offers custom crating services, guaranteed packaging, shipment insurance, and more! Combine our shipping service with our packaging service for a professionally packed, no-hassle, guaranteed shipment., Call or come in to Box Brothers today to find out which shipping service is right for you!

Box Brothers’ shipping service has been designed to be convenient and hassle-free. We work closely with our affiliate shipping carriers to provide our clients the best rate possible at all times. We offer a variety of ground-based shipping services such as FedEx and UPS ground, as well as various freight carriers. Ground shipping is generally the least-rushed transport service, and is ideal for clients who aren’t concerned with the speed in which their shipment arrives at its destination. It is usually the most affordable shipping rate as well. Call today to find out more about our ground shipping, and which service is right for you. And you will love our Award winning customer service.

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