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April 22, 2015
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May 11, 2015
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The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper recently published a human interest story that details how moving into a new environment can be a transformative experience, something that helps a person to adjust to a change of life or to cope with loss.

The latter was what was needed by the woman profiled in the story, Alysha St. Germain, who lost her husband to cancer when he was only 32. Feeling that she and her two children needed to change their surroundings in order to adapt, she moved into a “tiny house” in California – a 260 square foot space built onto a small trailer.

It is fairly easy to understand how such simplicity could help a person to reevaluate things and to reconnect with the people closest to her. When such a move forces you to pare down your belongings to what fits into one or two moving boxes, you can be sure to have to think hard about what is truly important to you.

But your story doesn’t have to be as unusual as St. Germain’s, and the reasons for your move don’t have to be as drastic for the experience to be very meaningful to you. Even if you don’t have to collapse your whole life into a single shipping crate, the simple act of packing supplies and belongings into moving boxes can bring you face-to-face with aspects of your life that go practically unnoticed when relocations services are the furthest thing from your mind.

Do you have a moving story that had a dramatic impact on your life, or one that helped you to reset after a difficult time? Perhaps it’s an experience like St. Germain’s, or even like Henry David Thoreau. Perhaps it’s simply the culture shock of leaving the Midwest and hauling your moving boxes to Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Or perhaps your story is yet to come. If that’s the case, we at Box Brothers would be thrilled to help bring it to life.

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