Using Shipping to Show Your Green Colors

Using Shipping to Show Your Green Colors

Green ShippingIt’s more and more common to find businesses marketing on the basis of their green credentials, consumers expressing an interest in sustainability, and activists pushing for more localized supply chains and lifestyles.

It may not be obvious where shipping fits into this, since moving boxes and packing supplies are by their very nature supposed to be disposable, and since shipping wouldn’t be necessary if everything were perfectly local.

But you can use your shipping supplies and processes in creative ways that show off your interest in environmental sustainability. And you definitely should do so if your business is shipping supplies to San Francisco, or moving boxes through Seattle or other green-friendly cities.

The simplest thing you can do is to make sure that your shipping service is as efficient as possible, and to make sure your customers know it. Less transit means less of a carbon footprint, and also lower costs for you.

Beyond that, you can customize your packing supplies to show that they’re recyclable, or to recommend local reuse options. It’s a fairly minor investment on your part, but eco-friendly customers will appreciate the concern it shows.

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