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At Box Brothers, we understand that your mover is an important feature in your moving experience. Nothing can compare to the comfort of understanding that your belongings are in good hands. With over 25 years of moving shipping and packaging experience, we are the right choice for shipping or your small move. Box Brothers, Shipping Green Valley! Over the past 25 years we have grown into a full service shipping provider offering solutions for all your shipping, packaging, and custom crating needs. Whether its local shipping, international shipping, freight, or expedited, we can handle it. We also provide moving services from simple residential moves to exotic shipping requests. We can accommodate any request – you name it and we will make it happen.


  •     Moving Boxes and Shipping Boxes
  •     Freight Shipping and Logistics
  •     Art and Antique Specialists
  •     Serving Henderson & Green Valley
  •     Casino Services and Daily Pick ups
  •     Furniture and Ebay Shipping
  •     International Air and Ocean Freight
  •     Packing and Custom Crating
  •     AAA members get special discounts
  •     Recycled Boxes Available in store
  •     Member of the Better Business Buereau
  •     25 Years of Experience
  •     Shipping West Hollywood!


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