Property Issues can Throw a Wrench into Certain Moving Plans
July 6, 2015
Businesses Face July Shipping Surge
July 20, 2015
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This article lists tips for how to save money on moving expenses. Some of the points seem fairly obvious, including the recommendation to comparison shop when purchasing moving boxes and packing supplies.

We are confident that Box Brothers will provide the best quality products at the lowest price, but we certainly encourage you to look around. However, that encouragement doesn’t always extend as far as the linked article, which recommends looking for freebies.

If you’re moving a short distance or shipping boxes of stuff you’re not especially attached to, used retail boxes might be sufficient. But when we’re talking about employing a shipping service in San Francisco to relocate your entire life to the East Coast, it’s not always the best idea to compromise the quality of moving boxes and packing supplies to save a few bucks.

You definitely don’t want something that might fall apart on you, or even something that will leave too much room for sensitive goods to rattle around. Splurging a little on packing supplies or even on custom crate shipping could give you a lot of peace of mind, and a good deal of insurance.

It goes without saying that it’s more expensive to replace fine art or antiques in New York than it is to pack them in the proper shipping crates in Los Angeles.

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