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If you’ve just unpacked your moving boxes in a San Francisco home, perhaps you find that the interior décor keeps you trapped in the trendy aesthetic of the city. Or maybe you find that your choices of furniture just aren’t ironic or expressive enough. Well, Gizmodo has just featured one alternative furniture piece that might make up for it. As a bonus, it lets you repurpose at least one of those moving boxes.

allows you to apply decals to the sides of a moving box in order to create a coffee table that looks like a tiny shipping container. It’s definitely a unique and quirky option, assuming you got your moving boxes from Las Vegas or Seattle all unscathed. And if you employed Box Brothers’ relocation services that wouldn’t be an issue.

But considering that the decals cost 220 dollars, you might want more than just an unbroken moving box. You’d be better off with a custom shipping crate or something similarly durable. Better still, when you leave that San Francisco home and start packing supplies for Los Angeles or Hollywood, won’t it be convenient to transport your living room items inside the coffee table?

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