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August 28, 2014
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September 11, 2014
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There is a massive antique store in Temecula, California, called Granny’s Attic Antique Mall. It contains frequently changing display pieces in its 30,000 square foot space, and is home to seasonal antique shows. Throughout the month of September, it will be showing off a 1957 Harley-Davidson motorcycle of which only 165 were made, one of them having been purchased by Elvis Presley.

The press release about this new show piece is short on details, which leaves us to wonder where it came from, how it got to Granny’s Attic, and what will happen to it after its display period is over. We can only assume that it is a recent acquisition, but it seems rather unlikely that the previous owner personally drove it to the store.

That raises another, more specific question: whom do you contract with when you’re sending a rare, antique motorcycle from Los Angeles or Seattle to a new home farther down the coast? Should you look for a company with expertise in motorcycle shipping, or one with a lot of experience shipping antiques and art?

We may be biased, but if you ever need crate shipping to send an antique motorcycle to Los Angeles, Temecula, or anywhere else, we advise using a company that has equivalent expertise in both motorcycle shipping and antique shipping. A company like Box Brothers.

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