Winter Weather: A Packaging and Shipping Peril
November 24, 2014
Three Dates for Shipping Antiques to Temecula
December 8, 2014
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With a late Thanksgiving finally passing us by, we think we can confidently say, “’tis the season.” ‘Tis the season not just for holiday gift giving and returning home to family, but also for a major upsurge in charity.


Apart from the holidays, the things that clearly link all of these things together are boxes and packing supplies. It may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about sending a gift or collecting canned goods for a local food pantry, but you know that you’ll need something durable and size-appropriate to deliver the holiday spirit to either a friend abroad or a family in need.


And you can imagine that with a name like Box Brothers, moving boxes, packing supplies, and shipping crates are some of the first things on our mind when we think about the needs of the holiday season.


You may find you need someone like us in your life during that season. You need someone to turn to when your shopping list for your parents across the country gets unexpectedly long, or for when you’re surprised by the outpouring of generosity from participants in your office toy drive.


If you’re lucky, you’ll need to put away the small moving boxes and instead fill up an entire shipping crate. And you know exactly who to come to when it’s time for that upgrade.

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