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E-commerce digest recently reported that Amazon’s announcement of Amazon Prime Day, July 15, had set of something of a chain reaction among businesses that do a good portion of their business online and partner with shipping services to get products to consumers from Los Angeles to New York.

Amazon and some of its major competitors like Wal-Mart took advantage of the tradition of Christmas in July to run promotions that some market analysts expected to result in a surge of business comparable to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This raised some question about whether their shipping services would be able to keep up with the demand.

One analyst estimated that USPS would be able to handle 20 times its normal Amazon Prime deliveries. But this did not account for the upsurge that would come from competing retailers. It remains to be seen whether the success of these promotions results in a major backlog.

If you are a retailer who participated in these July promotions and your crate shipping failed to reach customers in the usual timeframe, you may have missed an opportunity to avoid the logjam by contracting with alternative shipping services. This is especially true if your e-commerce is still fairly local and you are mainly shipping boxes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or over similarly short distances.

This also goes to show that being a local business is no excuse not to take advantage of the e-commerce boost that comes from the sorts of large-scale promotions that we saw this month. If Amazon Prime Day proves successful, consider jumping on the bandwagon of competing promotions next year. But if you’re selling from Los Angeles to nearby West Coast markets like San Francisco and Seattle, consider a locally-focused crate shipping service like Box Brothers, in order to avoid the difficulties of competing with overloaded carriers.

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