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February 20, 2015
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The Daily Telegraph has just published a handy list of money saving tips for people who are planning on using relocation services to make a move in the near future. Although written for an Australian audience, moving boxes and shipping services are no different in Sydney than they are in Seattle or Santa Monica, so no matter where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

Really, though, the advice is mostly obvious. The article tells readers to plan ahead, to lighten their loads, and to communicate effectively with the relocation service they employ. So a large portion of the moving experience depends on that service.

But as The Daily Telegraph also notes, part of it also comes down to the quality and availability of moving boxes. If your chosen shipping service doesn’t supply these, then moving boxes comprise a separate part of your planning, for which you’ll have to go to another outside source. The article specifically, and rightly, cautions against using potentially flimsy and unreliable retail boxes.

We can’t speak for Sydney, but if you need moving boxes in San Francisco or Los Angeles or throughout much of the western United States, Box Brothers can provide you with custom shipping boxes and packing supplies that precisely suit your needs without significantly adding to the costs of the move. You can take that, along with the Daily Telegraph article, as a money-saving tip.

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