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January 20, 2012
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Every day, people around the world pack up their belongings into moving boxes and move to a new home. Oftentimes, however, a person will find themselves lacking the space necessary to store all the packaged boxes. Containerized storage, or storage “pods,” has been growing in popularity as a solution to this lack of space. The service, which is becoming increasingly popular as a solution to regular storage needs, begins with the service provider bringing a storage container to the customer’s residence. The customer fills the container with the items/boxes to be stored and, upon completion, the company retrieves the container from the customer’s residence. The container is usually transported to one of two locations; either the customer’s new home, or, if the customer is not moving, to a secure facility where it will remain until the customer request it be dropped back off. The increasing popularity of containerized storage is a result of peoples affinity for convenience.

The ability to store various belongings (esp. larger items such as furniture) without having to transport them yourself to a self-storage facility is what attracts so many people to containerized storage. However, storage pods do have a number of disadvantages that many people are likely unaware of. Before deciding which storage solution is best for you, consider the following points. First, the individuals and/or families living in most major metropolitan areas are unable to make use of this service. Nearly all the inhabitants of cities such as Manhattan live in apartment buildings with nothing but a slim sidewalk in front of them. To take advantage of containerized storage, there must be property belonging to you outside your house on which to place the storage container. Additionally, having your belongings inside a container sitting outside your house raises the question of security. Although the “pods” have a security lock mechanism, the security of a container sitting outdoors is uncertain and questionable. This may leave your belongings vulnerable to theft and possibly even extreme weather conditions. Finally, people using pods as a regular storage service do not have the ease of access that comes with a storage facility. Obviously, there is a measure of time involved in requesting the pod be brought back to your home. With a storage facility, if you need something urgently and immediately, you need only make the trip to the storage facility.

Containerized storage has a number of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other storage options. Ultimately, it comes down to the customer and his/her needs. Consider what you will be using the “pod” for and why you need it (i.e. moving, storage, etc…). Also take in to account your location, the nature of the neighborhood you live in, and, if you are moving, don’t forget to consider whether or not the neighborhood you are moving TO can accommodate your storage container.

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