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May 20, 2014
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June 4, 2014
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The Washington Post has an ongoing feature that takes the reader through the conception and launch of a new business, specifically a coffee shop and roastery. It may serve as a valuable resource to entrepreneurs, as it’s so detailed about the process that we don’t read about the shipping crates arriving with the roaster until the seventh installment.

Once we do, it gives us a good look at some of the problems that can be involved in crate shipping. Late arrivals can be costly because they delay your staff and contractors, forcing you to pay for extra days. The subjects of the Post story also struggle with unloading of their 2,000 pound roaster because the crate fits very tightly in the truck, is imbalanced, and starts to break.

It isn’t hard to translate the situation from Washington D.C. to crate shipping in San Francisco or shipping supplies for a Los Angeles business’s setup. The given problems and challenges illustrate how important it is to hire shipping and relocation services that have reliable hardware, infrastructure, and delivery times, from companies that are fully aware of these difficulties and know how to respond to them.

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