Trendy Shipping and Economic Growth
December 15, 2014
Final Sendoff
January 12, 2015
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We’ve given a couple of bits of advice this holiday season to individual consumers and travelers. But it bears mentioning that many people are now taking on less of the burden of shipping crates and boxes of gifts and holiday goods. The growth of direct shipping has put a greater share of that responsibility into the hands of retailers.


The News Journal published an article on this trend earlier in December. It gave the impression that this was having an adverse effect on shipping services in San Francisco, New York, and all points in between. But the article fails to consider the likely partnerships that this will create between some of those shipping services and the retailers that increasingly have to focus not only on shipping crates from warehouse to store, but also shipping boxes directly to consumers and gift recipients.


So while our previous December messages have been addressed to the general public, this one specifically has businesses in mind. Maybe you’ve evolved with the growth of direct shipping or maybe you have yet to respond to the demand. In either case, the end of the holiday season is a good time to look at how those operations can improve in coming years. And if you need help planning and managing your direct shipping, especially around the holidays, consider getting in touch with Box Brothers.

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