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June 20, 2014
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July 9, 2014
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It’s officially summer now, and the weather is hot. The old cliché tells us that a dry heat is preferable to moisture. And while that may not hold up for everyone who has suffered through a long summer in the American southwest, it does ring true for a lot of items that businesses might send to other markets in shipping crates.

If you’re shipping supplies from Las Vegas or some other desert locale where moisture is really never your problem, then it’s important to remember that your crate shipping destinations do not always benefit from the same dry summertime heat. When moving boxes to Seattle or other notoriously rainy cities, or to when shipping supplies to San Francisco or somewhere else along the waterfront, you face a number of potential problems including mold, fungi, weakening adhesive, running paints, and rust.

Of course, if your shipping service is reliable and professional, they can anticipate these problems and take steps to prevent them by making certain that your shipping crates are appropriate to both the point of origin and the destination, that weak points are sealed, and that moisture prevention substances are included in your shipment.

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