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August 5, 2011
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December 30, 2011
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One of the more dynamic and specialized services that Box Brothers offers to it’s commercial
and residential clients, is our service called Insurance Restoration and Recovery Services.

This specialized service is geared to respond to situations that require immediate (24 hour on call service)
response to assist those residential and commercial customers whose homes or place of business, have
become inhabitable normally due to a casualty loss, usually, but not always, involving water or fire damage.

We have trained packaging teams who can go into a site, and remove the personal items/household items
(including furniture, personal items, furnishings, clothes, household items, cookware, dishes—everything
that a family would need to immediately relocate, so that they would be able to quickly get back on their feet. We disconnect all computers, flat screen TVs and your washer and dryer. And reconnect them back to the way they were, all done through our color coded and digital photo system.
and that allows for a quicker repair of the home. Likewise, in commercial settings, we are able to remove, from the
site of the casualty, all items that a business would need in order to quickly resume their operations and allow them to resume their business flow.

We understand that working quickly, is but one of the objectives, at play in this specialized field. We have all of
the materials and trained crews who can wear protective clothing, lay down protective and water proof floor
and wall covering, so that we can mitigate the damage to the property, while at the same time, carefully provide
a detail listing or inventory of every item we pack or move out of the residence or business, so that we can
completely document every box, and every single item we remove, with conditions. This is important both
for salvage and for restoration purposes, and with the goal to not only protect and safeguard the insured’s
possessions, but keep the costs down for the person or firm who is responsible for putting the client back into
the place they were in prior to the casualty, at the lowest possible costs and do so in an expeditious matter. We do
realize that time is money here and time is also of the essence in these matters.

Our storage services link all retrieved items to their actual pallet position or our independent storage units, which
have pallet floors to make them easier to move around, for storage purposes and for moving purposes. This is
akin to the containerized storage methods that are popular today, but at all times, in our storage or on our trucks
or on our pallet racks, we cover these goods with Replacement Cost Protection, via our placed and in force Cargo
Coverage, which covers all types of property, at up to one million in stated value coverage, with low or no

Speed, experience, know how and business acumen, are our main tools, along with our vast experience of having
been in business for over 25 years, and we have the right credentials to prove it, with our online reviews, our
website and our history of delivering unequaled service to both individuals and businesses alike. Our extensive
artwork handling, high end antique storage and white glove services, along with our museum quality crating services,
make us a unique and valuable resource for all of your clients as well as yourself. Our know how will not only save you money, but
mitigate the entire process of getting the victims of a casualty loss back into their home or place of business faster
and happier with our services. We will hold your hand the whole way through.

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