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February 7, 2012
The Importance of Proper Shipping
April 17, 2012
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The following was submitted by a Box Brothers customer:

International shipping is no big deal.  At least it’s no big deal if you are just shipping the occasional gift or eBay item overseas.  Just box up the item, fill out a very simple customs form, pay the postage and you are done!  It gets a bit more complicated if you are in the import/export business like I am.  I ship to multiple countries every day and some of my shipments are quite large.

I buy and sell antiques, some as small as a Faberge egg, others as large as a Queen Anne sideboard.  Because the items are all unique, valuable and sometimes quite fragile I rely on the help of a professional crating, packing and shipping service.  I use a firm that has a wealth of experience shipping art and antiques.  Once I have an order they pick up the item, and pack it professionally so that it is safe and secure whether it’s in a box or a crate.  They use state of the art packing materials and, if necessary, they’ll construct a special crate with a custom foam inlay.  They handle the insurance and customs forms and make sure the item makes it safely to the buyer.  And they work with a variety of carriers – marine, air and ground based – to make sure I always get the best shipping deal.

Using a professional packing and shipping service insures that all my shipping needs are quickly and efficiently met.  With the hassle taken out of international shipping, I can concentrate on the fun part of my business – tracking down those one of a kind antiques.  Thanks Box Brothers!

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