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May 1, 2014
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May 15, 2014
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The media is reporting that actor James Cromwell locked himself in a shipping crate at LAX as part of a PETA-organized against Air France shipping monkeys to research laboratories.

Now, we’re neither specifically endorsing nor making light of the protest, but as a maker of shipping crates and packing supplies in Los Angeles, we feel compelled to point out that if you need any such props, we can provide them.

Cromwell is a tall man. His protest might have had a slightly greater impact on bystanders if he had used a crate that emphasized cramped conditions. Maybe more attention would be garnered by people in moving boxes. Los Angeles is kind of a cynical town. People might not take notice if the protesting actor looks like he’s got room for a mattress.

It’s not much of an endorsement for Los Angeles relocation services, either. Cromwell would have been broken in transit. Box Brothers wouldn’t make that mistake. We’d make sure our Hollywood actor was packed tightly, in a custom shipping crate.

We might be taking the wrong message from this, but that’s just because we’re committed to our work.

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