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July 9, 2014
The Ultimate Celebrity Relocation?
July 23, 2014
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The actress and gossip-column favorite has announced that she is planning to move to London, where she will be playing in the David Mamet play, Speed-the-Plow in the fall. ABC News reports that Lohan says she expects a less obsessive celebrity culture in the UK, where she will be able to show that she is serious about acting.

That’s all very interesting, but as a packaging and shipping company, what really fascinates us about the prospect of the starlet’s relocation is just the logistics of it. Of course she won’t take everything with her, but one would expect the wealthy celebrity to want to take along a wide variety of prized possessions, probably including art, antiques, and who knows how much easily-lost jewelry.

Lohan says that she’s proud of how much she’s learned in her troubled young life. Well, we hope that one of the things she’s learned is the best source of art shipping in Hollywood. Between now and October, we can expect a lot of shipping crates from Los Angeles to start heading across the Atlantic. Godspeed to Lohan’s many, many things. May quality Los Angeles relocation services deliver her a fresh start in London.

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